SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

  • 24 / 09 / 2016 Par Équipe BED

    The summer of 2016 – our 32nd season at sea with the belugas – was once again rich in encounters and surprises. Observations include sightings of Al on at least two occasions.

    September 24, 2016: We’re off the coast of Cap de Bon-Desir, near the north shore of the Estuary. Around us, there are belugas everywhere! There are at least 180 individuals, including adults and a few grays, and among them we identify Al.

    These large but short-lived gatherings consist essentially of males. They’re often observed in this area, i.e. the downstream sector of the summer range, between Tadoussac and Les Escoumins.

    The affinity of male herds (such as those frequented by Al) for this place might be attributable to the types of prey found there. It is a deep underwater valley: the Laurentian Channel. Its rugged topography and regular upwelling (rising cold water) make it a very special area conducive to high concentrations of prey.

    Update : November 10, 2017