AUGUST 14, 2009

  • 14 / 08 / 2009 Par Anthony François

    Sometimes it seems that belugas simply want to make our day and gather in groups of “celebrities”. That’s precisely what happened to us that day. We had just left the Tadoussac marina aboard the Bleuvet (our research boat), when we crossed paths with a herd of about fifty belugas calmly moving toward the south shore. The herd consists of adults and juveniles as well as one calf, i.e. a beluga born earlier the same year.

    We position our boat at the tail end of the herd to observe belugas that are smaller in size. Since they are white, we know they are all adults, but they could be females. We photograph the white whales and manage to recognize a nice collection of stars from our family album: AlbioriX, Frimas, DL014, DL2228, Nics, Miss Frontenac, DL2453, Or Blanc, DL1328, Al, DL1802, Elle and DL173. It was a constructive encounter that will help us add pages to our album.