AUGUST 19, 2010

  • 19 / 08 / 2010 Par Équipe BED

    We set sail for the downstream sector, where we regularly come into contact with herds of males. We cross paths with DL1214 in a large herd of some 120 adult male belugas. The herd is split up into about a dozen smaller groups of eight to ten animals each. We also recognize DL1257, a male that seems to favour the downstream sector of the Estuary.

    The animals are scattered and very active. Some belugas poke their heads above the surface as if to spy on us, others raise their tails or pectoral fins out of the water. Some individuals are swimming dynamically and in one distinct direction when they suddenly stop, dive and resurface several times at the same spot. This behaviour is often associated with feeding. With its particular oceanographic conditions, the mouth of the Saguenay is teeming with prey. What’s more, a harbour seal is also taking advantage of the abundant food!