AUGUST 24, 2017

  • 24 / 08 / 2017 Par Anthony François

    The sky greets our team on board the Bleuvet with a light mist. We’re sailing off the coast of Île Rouge, near Tadoussac, when we spot a herd of eight belugas including adults, young and one newborn. For an hour, we attempt to approach the herd to photograph each one of the animals, but they disappear in the waves and avoid us. Now the belugas that were once all around us have disappeared. After about thirty minutes of waiting, we’re just about to leave, when suddenly we see the herd reappear as it makes its way up the Saguenay. We are able to photograph them, but most of the animals show no markings, which makes them very difficult to recognize. In fact, only once he’s returned to the laboratory does the technician manage to identify Amalena in the photos. The mystery remains on the identity of the belugas that were accompanying her that day.

    Update: July 17, 2018