AUGUST 25, 2003

  • 25 / 08 / 2003 Par Camille Bégin-Marchand

    The Bleuvet is positioned south of Île Blanche, which lies off Saint-Siméon. We’re observing a herd of about 80 individuals, comprising roughly equal numbers of adults and juveniles. The animals are relatively stationary, calming swimming and diving and returning to the same spot. We attempt a biopsy on one animal whose dorsal ridge shows several notches. Bull’s eye!

    The herd splits into two: the white adults head toward Cacouna, while the gray youngsters continue swimming and diving where they are. Back in the lab, we meticulously examine the photos. We are able to identify Écho and many of his faithful companions: DL1229, DL2140, DL0492, DL0619 and DL0125.