AUGUST 28, 2015

  • 10 / 02 / 2016 Par Équipe BED

    We encountered Pure Laine five times this summer. During a number of encounters with Pure Laine, newborns were seen swimming in the vicinity. However, our observations were insufficient to confirm whether or not one of these little ones indeed belonged to her! Below is an account of one of these encounters.

    August 28, 2015: We’re navigating at the mouth of the Saguenay near the Pointe-Noire observation site. We’re not the only ones closely following Pure Laine’s herd: up above, from the site lookout, visitors are also scanning the waters for animal movements. Nearly a dozen individuals – females with young – are swimming in circles, diving and resurfacing multiple times at the same spot. We suspect that they are feeding. On board the boat, the excitement is palpable, as this week we are embarking on a brand new project dedicated to the sounds emitted by newborn belugas. We make a recording of the herd, but the belugas are keeping hush! There’s always next time!