August, 31, 2018

  • 22 / 07 / 2019 Par Marie-Ève Muller

    Last winter, our research assistants undertook the meticulous analysis of some 13,000 photos collected throughout the summer of 2018.Thanks to this exercise, we were able to conclude that we spotted Nikamun at least once. Here is a description of this encounter.

    A gentle swell rocks the BpJAM off the coast of Trois-Pistoles. We are photographing the belugas and filming them with a drone in order to study their behaviour. A herd of fifteen or so individuals is swimming nearby. It is split into adult-juvenile pairs, with each duo a few metres away from the next. Individuals approach, pair up and go their separate ways up again, making it difficult to census the animals. Another herd of about fifteen belugas arrives; we count 10 adults and 4 greys swimming in tight formation. Amongst the adults, we recognize males Nikamun, DL0370, Mirapakon, DL0248 and Jetstream. The dynamics change, the belugas become more active and intermingle. We patiently learn to better understand Nikamun, his habits and who his acquaintances are.