OCTOBER 12, 2017

  • 08 / 01 / 2018 Par Équipe BED

    Off the coast of the town of Trois-Pistoles is the GREMM’s research boat: the Bleuvet. Around us are between 100 and 120 belugas, nearly all of them adults. Judging by the size of the animals, we assume that the herd is composed entirely of males. The belugas are scattered over a 1-kilometre radius. DL2071 passes close by amid a group of eight stocky adults.

    At one moment the animals seem to be moving in every direction, then appear to want to congregate, gravitating toward the mouth of the Fjord, only to scatter again! They are playing hard-to-get today. Nevertheless, we spend over three hours in their company. We return to port armed with three biopsies and hundreds of photos, which we will use to identify and re-identify individuals in the herd.

    Update : January 8, 2018