OCTOBER 19, 2009

  • 03 / 11 / 2015 Par Équipe BED

    October 19, 2009: we recognize Montpetit-Gustave in a herd of about 25 adult belugas off the piers in Les Bergeronnes. Two of these individuals surface, their bodies covered in mud. This observation leads us to believe that they had dived down to the sea floor to feed on benthic organisms buried in the sediment. To catch such prey, belugas have to stick their heads in the muddy bottom! They use their mouths like a vacuum cleaner.

    In fact, suction is their main means of capturing prey. Belugas only use their teeth to bite into their prey, which they swallow whole. They feed especially on groundfish and invertebrates. They also hunt in the water column and near the surface while swimming or treading against the current.

    Update : November 28, 2017