OCTOBER 2, 2017

  • 02 / 10 / 2017 Par Mélissa Tremblay

    On this autumn day, visibility is good and small waves are rippling across the Saguenay. We are near Anse Saint-Étienne (Saint-Étienne cove) aboard the Bleuvet, GREMM’s research vessel. Around us is a herd of 25 belugas, including adults, juveniles and a single newborn. The herd splits into three groups. In one of them, Blanchon is swimming with four other adults. Dorothy, Pacalou and DL1508 are also in the group. The wind picks up, reaching speeds of 20 km/h. What were once benign little waves have turned into whitecaps, and the belugas begin to dive for longer periods. Our observation time of the herd comes to an end.

    Update: april 6, 2018