SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

  • 18 / 09 / 2015 Par Équipe BED

    We are on the north shore of the Upper Estuary, between Baie-Saint-Paul and Tadoussac. We observe a herd of some thirty individuals comprising adults and young, including one newborn. However, we are somewhat hindered by the fog and it is difficult to take an accurate count of the herd. We notice DL0248 in the company of another male, DL0269. They are swimming near two known females: Céline and Annakpok. The entire herd is very active: the belugas are swimming in synchronized fashion and then all of a sudden they stop, dive, and resurface several times at the same spot. We can’t confirm it, but these are probably feeding sessions. Working conditions are difficult, with strong winds and ever larger waves complicating our jobs. Nevertheless, we do manage to take biopsies from two individuals.