SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

  • 19 / 09 / 2016 Par Équipe BED

    The summer of 2016 – our 32nd season at sea with the belugas – was once again rich in encounters and surprises. Amongst other sightings, we saw Athéna at least eight times! Similar to last season, she was observed several times in groups of females and juveniles. However, we were unable to identify a newborn at her side.

    September 19, 2016, that morning, Athéna was at the mouth of the Saguenay in the company of about forty other individuals. We see belugas of all colours: white, gray and brown. This herd consists of adults, juveniles and three newborns. We also recognize Blanchon, the oldest known living female in our family album! The animals are quietly heading up the Fjord. We decide to get a jump start and head toward Baie Sainte-Marguerite, the usual terminus for belugas in the Saguenay. However, the herd lingers for a long time at Anse à la Boule, downstream of the bay, and we wind up joining them there. We attempt a biopsy on one of the animals in the herd… bull’s eye! It’s still early and we hope to take more samples since we’re in the last week of biopsy collection to determine the proportion of pregnant females.

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