SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

  • 23 / 09 / 2016 Par Anthony François

    We leave Tadoussac aboard GREMM’s research vessel, the Bleuvet, and head east. Off the coast of Les Escoumins, we cross paths with a herd of some 80 belugas, mostly adults. The herd is divided into five smaller groups of about fifteen individuals all calmly swimming in the same direction. In one group, we recognize Brad, who is in the company of fellow male AlbioriX.

    The calm demeanour of the belugas strikes us as being particularly favourable for taking biopsies. This small piece of fat taken from an animal allows us to determine the individual’s sex, study accumulated contaminants or obtain genetic information. And indeed, the belugas are very collaborative, as we manage to collect 14 biopsies!

    Update: July 17, 2018