• 03 / 09 / 2017 Par Mélissa Tremblay

    Aboard the GREMM’s research vessel Bleuvet, we make our way toward Îlet aux Alouettes off the coast of Baie-Sainte-Catherine and Pointe Noire. We encounter a herd of 30 belugas consisting of adults, grays and a newborn. Within the herd we recognize Pure Laine, who is swimming together with DL2377, a beluga that has only ever been photographed once, way back in 2005! Alongside DL2377 is a newborn. Is it hers? Only multiple other observations or a biopsy of both animals would allow us to confirm their relationship, or lack thereof. The more we observe these belugas, the more we get the sense that they are swimming in every direction. This type of behaviour leads us to believe that they are feeding. We decide to let them eat in peace and head up the Saguenay to look for other herds.

    Update: April 17, 2018