• 04 / 09 / 2018 Par Mélissa Tremblay

    Aboard GREMM’s research Zodiac BpJAM, we set out at the crack of dawn. The cloudy day provides good visibility. Out on the water, the wind creates small ripples. We head upstream, and in the waters around Anse du Chafaud aux Basques, between Baie-Sainte-Catherine and Baie-des-Rochers, we cross paths with a herd of about 50 individuals composed mainly of adults. The herd cannot be approached easily, and the animals disperse.

    We start to photograph them in an effort to identify them. For the first few minutes, the belugas are treading water and then, little by little, they set course for Saint-Siméon. At the peak of high tide, the animals branch off and are now heading toward the south shore. It is at this moment that we identify the distinctive crescent-shaped scar of DL9071. On the surface, tails and heads poke out above the water. After photographing each individual, we continue on our way in search of another herd.

    Update : december 4, 2018