SEPTEMBER 15, 2013

  • 24 / 11 / 2015 Par Équipe BED

    In the summer of 2013, Athéna was observed on three occasions, each time in the Saguenay River. In the most recent encounter, at around 10 AM on September 15, Athéna is with some twenty adults and young in Baie Sainte-Marguerite. She is swimming in the company of Miss Frontenac and Céline, two other females of the Saguenay community. Shortly after we spot them, the herd sets course downriver. Around 11:50, they pause for a few minutes in Anse Saint-Étienne where they engage in a behaviour observed often in this cove: they swim about in all directions with no apparent pattern and become restless at the water’s surface.

    The estuary of Baie Sainte-Marguerite is the belugas’ terminus in the Saguenay Fjord. Although they sometimes swim up the Fjord as far as Saint-Fulgence, the majority of their movements in the Saguenay are limited to the downriver portion between Tadoussac and Baie Sainte-Marguerite.