SEPTEMBRE 22, 2017

  • 22 / 09 / 2017 Par Mélissa Tremblay

    It’s the beginning of autumn and we’re embarking on an intensive biopsy mission. Under a sunny sky, we cross the river toward Île aux Basques vis-à-vis Trois-Pistoles. We locate a herd of about 75 belugas, almost all of them males. How do we know they are males? Because they are downstream – a sector mostly frequented by bulls – because of the size of the group, the considerable size of the individuals and the fact that there are not any particularly young individuals amongst them. The herd is quite scattered, but there are three large groups of 8 to 14 very corpulent individuals. In one of the groups we recognize Leucas, who is swimming with two adults and a young gray. We hope to take a biopsy from him, but only manage to nab one of his companions instead. By the end of the day, we successfully perform four biopsies.

    Update: septembre 22, 2017